How to fill up the Schengen Visa form (For our Exchange Programs in France)

  1. We have taken screenshots of the online visa form.
  2. You need to read and understand each field and put an answer AS PER YOUR SITUATION.
  3. We have noticed difference between the Embassy of France in Delhi and the other consulates. What is valid in Delhi, might not be valid in Chennai and extra or less documents might be asked.
  4. We request you to carefully follow the instructions given on the French website.
  5. Collect all docuemnts that the French website is asking you to present  and add the documents that Milna has mentioned, to the application.
  6. Please remember that the legal representatives of the participant are responsible for providing correct and up to date information.
  7. It is the responsibility of the legal representative to present a complete visa application  and abide by the instructions of the French embassy.
  8. Only the Consulates and the Embassy of France are authorised to take decisions about visas. Milna has no say in the Embassy decision to grant or reject a visa application.
  9. The following information is meant to help the participant to complete the visa application easily. The participant has no obligation to follow it if he feels so.
  10. All the information given in the following screenshots are EXAMPLES and should not be taken as accurate information.  You should not use them to complete your own visa application.



The visa form link is here:

Visa type requested:  Short-stay (<90 days)

Main destination of stay: France

Number of days of travel: 20  (Yes! put 20 to have extra days in case of emergency)


Your plans: Tourism

Main purpose of stay: Tourism/private visit


First name/s, mandatory if exists: YOU HAVE TO MENTION IT EXACTLY AS PER PASSPORT (The given names line)

Address: You have to mention your address, where you live these days. It does not matter what address you have on your passport. You have to mention where you live nowadays.

Parents or legal guardian no. 1/2: The Last name/s, First name/s of the parents/legal guardian HAS TO BE EXACTLY AS PER PASSPORT.


Current job: You have to mention the info of the participant, NOT the parents.

Name of employer or teaching establishment: You have to mention the info of the participant, NOT the parents.

Planned date of arrival in Schengen area: Mention the date of departure of your flight from India.

Planned date of departure from Schengen area: Mention the date of arrival of your flight in India.

Planned duration of stay in number of days: Mention 20. Yes 20 to have a buffer in case.

Number of entries requested: Mention 1 entry

Number of stays planned in France for the coming year: Mention the number as per your situation, as per your luck and profile, the Embassy might give you a longer validity or not.

!! ATTENTION !! A person will be accommodating me: Mention the information of your host family ONLY AND ONLY if you are having an INDIVIDUAL Exchange program.

Else, leave it empty.

A company, organisation or establishment will be accommodating me: Mention the information of your French school host.

Details of the contact person: Mention the information of the head of  the French school.

Documents required for the Visa (Exchange Program: France)

The information related to the accommodating person will be provided once received from them.

The informations related to the accomodating person will be provided once received from them.

If the participant will have credit card/Cash/Traveller’s cheques. Select these options.


Required supporting document to submit an application: Provide all the required document mentioned as per your profile.

In addition, as any document asked in this page



If the participant is a minor, BOTH parents to sign the visa form, on BOTH fields of the  last page of the visa form.

If the participant is an adult, his signature is required on both fields of the last page of the visa form.

Milna will take an appointment for you as per your availability